Blog After My Death

Have you ever thought of your blogs & mails after your death??
Well, I did.
My Father will write my blog after my death.. It goes like this..

My son is no more.. he is dead now
He used to blog something... 
So I decided to continue..
He was so dear to me..
but I used to scold him.. (with no reason)
He was so close to his mother..
But he used to scold her (with reason)
He used to talk about a girl
She was his girl fried..
He used to tell everything at home.. (at town too)
He always had a concept with him
but I couldn't accept even one of them..
He used to say he has 'Insurance'
but I never wanted his money
Whatever he did was wrong in my eyes..
but, he never intended so 
Now I wanna see my daughter married..
I'm in trouble for money..
thank God.. My son had Insurance..
Now it's my turn (Sangeeth's)
I went to my Father's dreams..
He shouted "Where the hell is your insurance papers?"
I said
'Papa I used to say little lies..' 


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